Avalanche Canada AST 2 Promo

In 2014, a conversation with Blair Habenicht and Jason Robinson turned to Avalanche Safety, and then to a rough plan for a project with Avalanche Canada.  We wanted to produce a video that highlighted the importance of Avalanche Skills Training, and figured AvCan might sponsor us for a course.  They bit.  A low snow year through winter '15 put the project on the backburner, but it found new life the following February.  Blair, Jason, and I, along with Garret Umphress, got together with Bruce Wilson of Warrior Wolf Guide Services, and a long-anticipated AST 2 course was underway.  The below video, cut to serve as a promo for AST providers, was the final project and does a fine job of succinctly delivering the message we intended.  

Another thank you to Justin Hostynek and Justin Hare, who contributed the opening footage, to Cole Jandrisch, who put in long hours editing, and to Chris McLeod, who helped us into the mountains.  Also, I'll add that the time spent with Blair, Jason, Garrett, and Bruce was another instance of the wonderful friendship snowboarding so easily cultivates.