Snowboard Canada Issue 24.1

I had the privilege of editing the comeback issue of Snowboard Canada Magazine.  The photos you'll see here (thanks to Maurice Arevalo) do a fine job displaying the communal appreciation for the magazine that motivated me throughout the project.  My own connection to the title– teenage fascination that led to first published writing, relationship with an editor, letters of assignment, and so on– is not unique among Canadian snowboarders.  Still, those early milestones felt like personal achievements.  Assembling 24.1 carried a distinctly different character, better aligned with with the shared experience of my people.  


My editor's note is below.  I was stuck for a moment before deciding to run it with a photo of my riding.  It felt a bit tacky.  In the end I pulled the trigger out of insecurity– I thought I lacked the reputation to justify my position as editor, and I green lit the photo to lend my name a little credibility.  Of course, I've never been exceptionally good at snowboarding and the shot does nothing to overstate my ability.  I just wanted readers to know I'm not a total hack.

Screen Shot 2017-01-03 at 7.08.32 PM.png