Travis Rice Interview at Vancouver 'The Fourth Phase' Premiere

I was star-struck interviewing T.Rice.  I was also a bit uncomfortable in front of the camera.  Still, things went well and I'm happy with this four-part video.  Conversation flowed naturally, and Travis was professional enough for the both of us.  Before we knew it half an hour had passed in earnest and shared interest.

I posted the interview to along with my review of The Fourth Phase.  I took a bit of flack for the positivity in that post, and I'm sure critics picked up on the fact that I'm a fan.  Still, I stand by what I wrote– TFP achieved some nuance and the story was compelling.  You can read a flushed out (if not methodically argued) version of that thesis here.

Oh, I spent 7 hours on the title animations for the interview.  Please appreciate how cool they are.

Part 2 won't embed.  It's not hard to find.