The Rat Race and Adobe Spark

I've been working for a few days on putting a story together with Adobe Spark, a little recap of a very enjoyable weekend working for Snowboard Canada Magazine.  Along with Cole Jandrisch and Brennan Kurchuk, I chased boarding from the Vans Pro Skate Park Series at Hastings Bowl to the Drink Water Rat Race on Mount Hood, Oregon.  Robin Van Gyn was good enough to supply photos she took with a disposable camera, and Cole contributed short videos he shot at the events.

I'm pretty happy with how the Spark format looks, and I'm planning to use the platform for telling stories in the future.  The online app does have some shortfalls when it comes to customization and design, but the available options look good and cutting design streamlines the process of generating content.  I'd like to see better options for customization in the future, as I worry about overusing styles and effects. 

All that aside, the Rat Race was an incredible event, as was the Pro Park Series.  The story takes the SBC voice, but expresses my impressions from the experiences pretty clearly.  Here I'll add that racing was a treat, really a privilege.  I shared the day with a  lot of people I looked up to growing up, and the ol' juvenille admiration definitely fired out there on the Palmer Snowfield.  Another incredible experience I owe to boarding.

The Drink Water Rat Race