SBC Avalanche posts in Pique Newsmagazine

I recently had some viral success with, offering my two cents on Tom Oye's Chocolate Bowl avalanche video.  I engaged with the video over two posts, the first an analysis of the avalanche and basic look at how it could have been avoided, and the second a response to comments with a quick look at Avalanche Canada's forecasting process.  The first post was shared over 50, 000 times, had an organic Facebook reach of over 70, 000 (through SBC alone), and caught the attention of some folks I admire (such as Wayne Flann).  The second did ok, but not nearly as well.  I was happy to see some comments that showed me folks had read it, anyway.

The Pique, though picked up on my SBC posts and called me up for a few statements.  They ran an article in print and online.  Thank you to Lynn Mitges for taking an interest.

Snow Can posts are here: