GRUEL: POV from the Freelance Days

I've been in Quebec through the holidays, and a week ago I got a little antsy.  I hadn't boarded in a while, or done anything of note creatively, and Cat and I were in a social vacuum of late nights and draught beer.  My mood was sour after a few too many mornings sleeping in, and a few too many days without good exercise.

I guess I could have abstained from booze, set an alarm, gone running, but as it happened I vented by finally getting around to doing something with the pile of POV footage I collected in my later years as a freelance snowboard writer.  I'm quite happy with how the edit turned out– it's set to Ramones, it's called "GRUEL", and it features some of my most memorable runs.  It's indulgent and it's very me.  Today, TransWorld was good enough to share it, and that made my day.  Thank you to Justin and Andrew for the post.