Jérôme Tanon Interview

Like you, I smiled through The Eternal Beauty of Snowboarding.  I saw it in Vancouver, at Absinthe's /fterforever premiere, and had the chance to meet Jérôme.  We loosely agreed to do something for Snowboard Canada to promote the film's eventual release online.

Time passed, projects mounted up, and I didn't speak with Jérôme.  I watched as snowboarding's corner of the internet responded to his excellent idea of home premieres, and I wished briefly for the time to organize or attend such a premiere myself.  I was swept up by other work, and TEBOS fell from my focus again.  But, on the day of it's online launch, I did myself the favour of asking Tanon for an interview.  Though I was late to ask, he obliged and made the time.  Thanks again, Jérôme.

Our conversation carried the same hints of hyper-self-awareness, of examined and embraced black humour, that make Tanon's narrative in TEBOS so enjoyable.  He's a lovely guy to talk to.  I put an abridged version of our chat and some photos he provided through Adobe Spark, and posted a late contribution to The Eternal Beauty of Snowboarding's big day.

Jérôme Tanon