Three stories from the world's best snowboard park.

StopMoly Bowly

StopMoly was amazing, a chance to work with Cat. She committed about 90 hours, 60 or so while doing a Bachelor of Education and another 30+ working as a full time teacher a few months later. The fact that she doesn't snowboard, but did engage the project passionately from start to finish, speaks volumes to her character as an artist. All to make a bit of magic.


The Snowboarder's Journal

Dan's photos reflect both an eye and work ethic. Dude hustled to get these shots, and turned them around like a pro. Pleasure working with you, Dan.


Snowboard Canada

Evan's style is next level– dude can put a story in a photo. Didn't want to muddy his gallery with too many words, but had one last thing to say. I was feeling a bit reflective when I threw the feature together, as I'd just started back at my summer gig.

ECS x Holy Bowl-EH